Chantelle Gray

Chantelle Gray (PhD) is a Professor in the School of Philosophy at North-West University. Her interests span philosophy, critical algorithm studies, queer theory and gender studies, and anarchism. The interdisciplinary nature of her work allows her to ask critical questions about how to take care of humans, technologies and ecologies in the digital age, some of which she discusses on the Anarchist Essays podcast, available at: Chantelle is the co-convener of the South African Deleuze & Guattari Studies Conference, the Chair of the Institute for Contemporary Ethics (ICE), and an editorial board member of Somatechnics. She is an NRF-rated scholar and received the Faculty Teaching Award from the North-West University in 2021. Her books include Deleuze and Anarchism, co-edited with Aragorn Eloff (2019, Edinburgh University Press) and Anarchism after Deleuze and Guattari (2022, Bloomsbury).